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Issuance of Fire Safety Certificate
Dimitris Papageorgopoulos - Mechanical Engineer TE - Fire Safety - Fire Protection Studies - Security Technician - Natural Gas - Thessaloniki


Dimitris Papageorgopoulos, TE Mechanical Engineer based in Thessaloniki, is a specialized professional who undertakes the process of issuing a Fire Safety certificate with professional precision and responsibility.

With many years of experience in the field of fire protection, Dimitris Papageorgopoulos specializes in the process of issuing fire safety certificates for businesses, buildings and public spaces. Taking advantage of his experience, he undertakes the coordination of the process from the beginning to the final inspection and the issuance of the certificate.

With Dimitris Papageorgopoulos, clients can rely on a professional who understands the specifications and requirements of fire protection. With their synergy, the comprehensive and efficient management of the Fire Safety certificate issuance process is ensured, with a focus on safety and compliance with the applicable regulations.