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Airtightness Recheck Certificate
Dimitris Papageorgopoulos - Mechanical Engineer TE - Fire Safety - Fire Protection Studies - Security Technician - Natural Gas - Thessaloniki


Dimitris Papageorgopoulos, TE Mechanical Engineer based in Thessaloniki, undertakes with professional responsibility and experience the process of issuing a leak proof re-check certificate.

Specialized in the field of mechanical engineering, Dimitris Papageorgopoulos has the necessary knowledge and technical skills to carry out the specialized process of rechecking tightness. It focuses on the provision of services related to the evaluation and certification of tightness in various environmental or factory fields.

With reliability and commitment to professional ethics, Dimitris Papageorgopoulos ensures compliance with standards and regulations, offering specialized review services that serve the needs of his clients. With Dimitris Papageorgopoulos, the process of issuing a leak proof certificate becomes reliable, efficient and adapted to the needs of each project.