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Study of Natural Gas Systems
Dimitris Papageorgopoulos - Mechanical Engineer TE - Fire Safety - Fire Protection Studies - Security Technician - Natural Gas - Thessaloniki


Dimitris Papageorgopoulos, TE Mechanical Engineer based in Thessaloniki, undertakes the study of natural gas systems with the aim of safe, efficient and environmentally friendly operation.

Dimitris Papageorgopoulos, with a background in mechanical engineering and specialization in natural gas systems, undertakes the design and study of installations for domestic, professional and industrial spaces. Based on the needs and specifications of each customer, it offers customized solutions that promote efficiency and energy efficiency.

With his professional approach, Dimitris Papageorgopoulos undertakes the supervision and implementation of studies for the design of natural gas systems, ensuring compliance with the applicable regulations and the smooth operation of the facilities. Based on reliability, experience and commitment to quality, it offers complete solutions that meet the needs of each customer.