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Dimitris Papageorgopoulos
Mechanical Engineer TE - Fire Safety - Fire Protection Studies - Safety Technician - Natural Gas - Thessaloniki


Dimitris Papageorgopoulos, Mechanical Engineer T.E., has been specializing in the field of fire protection since 2004, starting his career after 6 years of employment in the industry.

During this time, he has overseen large projects such as the installation of fire extinguishing systems at ELPEDISON POWER, the Hippocrates General Hospital of Thessaloniki, as well as the Thessaloniki Concert Hall, medium projects such as the Permanent Water Supply Fire Fighting Network, Automatic Water Sprinkler System, Automatic fire detection system, Automatic extinguishing system with various extinguishing materials, and small projects such as small installations and system maintenance.

In addition, it has prepared fire protection studies for hotels, industries, crafts, warehouses, public meeting rooms and has undertaken the process of issuing a fire safety certificate.


Active as a private employee since 2004 and as a freelancer since 2012, he offers comprehensive services in the study, installation and maintenance of fire safety devices, as well as the study and installation of natural gas systems. In addition, he undertakes the process of issuing a fire safety certificate, the re-test certification of tightness, as well as works as a Security Technician.

With a focus on professionals in industry, hotels and catering businesses, as well as in the field of fire safety, it stands out for its many years of experience and professional efficiency.